:: Lone Star Holidays ::

Texas forum of holiday enthusiasts.  Discussions include lights, sequencing, bubble, fog, and snow machines, how to be a good Santa, halloween, and much, much more!

The community has local regional groups who get together at homes or meeting rooms to work on stuff together, including training, and general support.

:: Falcon Christmas ::

Home of the Falcon controllers, the Micro String Controller (uSC), the Falcon Pi Player (FPP) and much more!  Very active group that is very supportive of Newbies.

:: NutCracker / xLights ::

Home of the NutCracker / xLights software.  This free software solves the problems of large RGB shows with software to convert various formats, apply effects, and run the show.

The author of the software does regular online tutorials.

:: Do It Yourself Light Animation (DLA) ::

Home of the DLA Lynx controllers with many kits to solve large and small needs.

:: AusChristmasLighting ::

Active forum in Australia.  This group has lots of information and has created a large document that talks about ALL aspects of Christmas light animation.

:: Do It Yourself Christmas ::

Large forum with bulk buys, and general discussions on software and equipment.  This group is not supporting a specific hardware or software solution, so the have MANY discussions taking place about the entire space.

:: Light-O-Rama ::

Light-O-Rama is the main commercial provider of light controllers.  They tend to be a starter solution because the controllers are well-built and rock-solid.  They are pricey compared to DIY solutions, but they are still a good starting point because the controller hold their value, making it easy to move to other equipment if the need arrives.

:: HolidayCoro ::

HolidayCoro has a broad selection of products --  Coro Plastic DIY kits is the main product, but lots of affordable lights and controllers purchased from a reputable supplier in China.  HolidayCoro provides GREAT service and support, and stands behind all of their products.

The site has a LOT of useful video tutorials to help educate the first-time user.