Behind-the-scenes walk-through on Saturday 12/27

The public is invited to join the area lighting enthusiasts on a walk-through of area displays. Ask questions: How does it work?  What problems have you experienced and how have you solved them?  How do you get started? Click [HERE] for a map of the current itinerary... Click [HERE] to visit the LSH site for details...
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It starts the day after Thanksgiving … people adorn their homes with twinkling lights and holiday decorations, turning the neighborhood or the entire city into a winter wonderland. While most people choose to place just a few strings of lights on the roofline, there’s always at least one home that goes all out with inflatable snowmen, plastic reindeer and thousands of lights, like Clark Griswold’s home in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” Every longtime resident knows of at least one Griswold-style home in their area; word spreads and, soon enough, hundreds of families come to visit each year. But for people who have just moved to a city, it can be difficult to know where to see the best holiday lights and decorations.
— Redfin

This Redfin article talks about the best places in the country to see Christmas lights. While Austin is not in the Top 5, we are right up there.  Several local displays are mentioned in the article!

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Five years ago the Gase family decided it was time to create their own display. The show features more than 30,000 LED lights covering the trees, bushes and home. Sixteen floodlights, 15 mini-trees, 24 archways and one 30-foot illuminated tree fill the family’s yard. In addition to seeing the display, visitors may also make monetary and canned food donations that are collected for The Caring Place.
— Kate Morris

Impact News listed as one of the four destination light shows among Georgetown homes this year...

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